About Us

Our Team


Our team’s fearless leader, Tom Stout draws on his youthful experience as an Eagle Scout in his role as our chief problem solver and logistics manager. Over the past twenty years, Tom has been an instrumental force in transforming the California urban landscape through his active membership in US Green Building Council, G3, and Association of Professional Landscape Designers. As a licensed general, landscape, and pool contractor, Tom brings a professional knowledge and expertise to each environment, creating magical living spaces. Tom complements his degree in Horticulture from Kansas State University with certifications in irrigation and soil management and regenerative practices; he seeks to learn something new in every project. As a private real estate investor, Tom has been developing properties, building and renovating homes in the Los Angeles area since 2006. This insight into building value in a property is brought to every Stout Design Build client.


Our very own force of nature and COO, Pamela Berstler is a nationally recognized expert on soil and water management who developed the Watershed Approach, a regenerative landscape strategy, and grew it into a nationwide movement with twelve guidebooks on the subject. Agencies and municipalities throughout the western U.S. have adopted its principles as their landscape standards, and we include these insights on rainwater capture and climate appropriate landscape design to every project. Pamela’s degree in Psychology from University of Pennsylvania is complemented by her Master of Business Administration from University of California Los Angeles. Pamela also brings more than twenty years of experience running a successful bespoke residential landscape design build firm, helming an EPA-recognized professional educational organization, and a prior life as an investment banker to the business side of our team.


Our in-house California licensed landscape architect and ecological designer, Gabrielle Fladd-Harris brings a lifetime of experience in designing and constructing high-end sustainable residential and commercial landscapes on both U.S. coasts. Gabrielle holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from the State University of New York, School of Environmental Studies and Forestry and a Masters Degree in Regenerative Studies from California Polytechnic Institute Pomona. Gabrielle is a LEED, ARCSA, and G3 accredited professional, and her passion for regenerative principles helps keep Stout Design Build on the cutting edge of water sensitive design and resource conscious construction.


For more than twenty years, Katherine Karges has been designing and creating inspiring gardens for Los Angeles’ most discriminating clients. During her decade working with Stout Design Build as a project manager and designer, Katherine has nurtured clients’ dreams of unique home and garden environments into reality, guiding them through the design build process and adding unique features that make their living space exclusive and inviting. Whether our clients are seeking a tranquil healing retreat, a modern and sustainable space, a respite from city life, or an elegant indoor-outdoor entertainment space, Katherine’s expertise helps transform their homes into living works of art.


Bringing cosmopolitan design to our team, Hana Monterazi draws on a lifelong passion for international travel and exploration to develop unique design solutions for Stout Design Build clients. Hana joined our team from the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Recreation and Parks where she nurtured a deep respect for the importance of protecting, restoring, and maintaining natural resources. Hana holds a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from University of California Los Angeles and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Southern California. Our design clients benefit from Hana’s global perspective through her sophisticated and luxurious detail drawings and climate appropriate planting plans.


Every organization needs that one person whose organization skills keep everything moving forward, and at Stout Design Build that is our Office Manager, Ana Escobar. Our clients truly enjoy talking with Ana, whether in English or Spanish, as she is the kind and helpful person who knows both where the invoice is filed and what time Tom is expected back in the office. Ana holds a degree in Liberal Studies from California State University Northridge, which combined with a family background in the landscaping industry, makes her the best person for our clients to start their journey toward their dream home.