I had taken the girls to a play date at the park and two of the moms said “I was really hoping that you would suggest the play date be at the house”.  One mom said that it was because she is able to relax, sit back and watch the girls play, climb, and explore.  At a park you have to think about restrooms, safety, cleanliness, and be on alert for who is there.

This isn’t the first time I heard how much the parents love coming over for play dates.  Some of the things they have mentioned is how the play area is incorporated into the landscaping and includes a place to sit and enjoy watching the kids play.  Also how nice it is for kids to be able to be outside and play in a safe and stimulating environment.

As a result I got to thinking about isn’t this what most of us want.  A safe space where a kid can be a kid, burn off some energy, use their imagination, explore and play.  Also inviting space we are proud of where both our kids or our friends to come and hangout.

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-Jennifer D