The topic of conversation for many busy professionals or parent is how difficult it is to get out for a romantic evening.  When designing our outdoor space we consider our family, entertaining, style… but have we taken the time to think about some additions to your space that would negate the need for a babysitter to have that romantic evening or glass of wine with a special someone.

Here are a few ideas to creating your intimate space.

  1. Creating a private space through fencing, greenery and even a privacy wall.
    • Turn your outdoor space into a private retreat.
  2. Seating that is soft and inviting
    • Outdoor sofa or love seat
    • Outdoor day bed
  3. Romantic glow of a fire
    • Fire table
    • Fireplace
  4. Element of water will drown outside noise, relax you and set the mood.
    • Fountain
    • Waterfall and pond
  5. Adding a touch of color
    • Blue invokes the feeling of trust and loyalty
    • Red sparks the feeling of excitement and passion
    • White creates the feeling of happiness and sincerity
    • You may want to avoid the color yellow in your romantic space since for some people it can create the feeling of jealousy
  6. Mood lighting
    • Illuminated water fountain
    • Lanterns
    • soft lights
  7. Music system or outdoor speakers
    • Wired or Bluetooth

Lets turn your outdoor space into a private retreat and bring some passion back into your life!

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