Playa Del Rey


This project creates an outdoor living space focusing on hardscaping, outdoor dining, gathering spaces and drought tolerant planting. This project has been about functionality and aesthetics at the same time. With the incorporation of colorful drought tolerant planting palette, as well as delicate details such as water feature, fire pit, seating arrangements and pavers, this project became a success. The design also featured an outdoor kitchen space allowing the inner and outer spaces of the property to join. Outdoor cooking and dining areas allow everyone to gather in the outdoor space, and enjoy the breeze of air and the sound of water, while they are gathered together. Another very important feature in this project is the fire pit. Aside from the fact that it brings heat around which to stay warm, it can extend the Spring and Fall seasons by staying warm on those chilly evenings. Like the outdoor kitchen, a fire pit is also a great way of extending the party space to outdoors and gathering a group of friends or family together. Lastly, all the captivating elements of design in this project have produced an ambiance that not only bring a group closer together, but provide opportunities for individuals to free their mind of the daily struggles and enter a meditative zone, especially at nighttime by sitting by the fire, star gazing with a loved one, having a glass of wine, or perhaps reading a few lines of their favorite author.

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