This project is a great example of how to separate the adult gathering area from the children’s play area, allowing both groups to coexist gracefully in a single space. The most exquisite feature in this design is the collaboration of the outdoor kitchen area, dining area and the fire table at the same time. The counter, the chairs and the fire feature located on the counter allow for people to gather in the warmth and coziness of fire while enjoying a fine glass of wine or a hot cup of cocoa. This entire area is covered by the patio cover, with curtains on the side that can completely bind the space and protect it from the outdoor breeze. Outdoor seating and furnishings have also provided a nice leisure area for the family. And lastly, this whole space is completely separated from the children’s dream area. While you are gathering up with your friends, your children will be enjoying their time going up and down those slides and climbers. The planting on the children’s side integrate a lot of shade trees to protect the children from the sun as well.

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